This page contain more information for you all. 

7/13/11: This morning around 2 AM it sounded as though someone was walking on my roof, I went to check but saw nothing, about 15 minutes after that the stick snapping began again. Today I am going to go outside and record the area where I saw the two creatures. Recently I have the gained the support of fellow paranormal researcher, "thepolishedknob" and I also have contacted  George Noory of Coast to Coast AM to ask If I could be a guest on his show. 

7/17/11 we tried to hunt it down last night but were unsuccessfull.

PLANS We plan to do a stakeout soon, with weapons. This will probably happen within the next week, but should we shoot at it, what if we kill it?

Before this whole thing started, the last time I had an encounter with something like this was about 17 years ago, I was just a little kid when I saw a box shaped UFO above our home (Which is now my home). It circled around and flew away. The whole thing took about 5 - 10 minutes.

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